Today’s the day!

It’s Pangea Day. I’ve been doing things non-stop – with no wifi, so no chance to upload video – but it will come! The winner of the Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Award will be judged later – my money’s on “Rounds All Around Us” by Kayoom. You can see them all here.

But after meeting the 100 or so filmmakers who’ve been flown to LA for the Pangea Day Filmmakers Retreat, I’m psyched about the quality of the films that will be showing today. They’re calling it “the first global campfire”, but essentially it’s the worlds biggest ever short film festival. I think it’s going to be AMAZING.

Right. I have a taxi downstairs waiting to take me, Kate and Amy to Sony Pictures, Stage 15. My life at the moment is totally random. Where will I wake up on Monday? Who knows.

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