Francis & Me, Part 1

I’ve been meaning to post this all year, but I got too busy. Now I can’t wait any longer to share it with you.

Jay and Ryanne and GoGen and David and a whole lot of other people have inspired me recently with films of travels and faraway places. This is very different to the kind of quiet moments of beauty they observe & record – but watching theirs made me get off my arse and do something with mine.

I’m going to try to cut together more from this trip, maybe once a week – as part of my NaBloPoMo daily posting.

PS – Geek note – This wasn’t shot & cut on the N93, as the title card says, but shot on a tiny Canon Ixus/Powershot 900 pocket stills camera. Amazing. Gotta love those Canons for quality, low light & colour. (Cut on iMovie)

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)
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