making films for you, i see things as if for the first time

I take this route to the store every day, and of course i never notice any of the things in this video.

It’s great to stop and try to see ordinary things through fresh eyes.

I’d love to see *your* trip to get milk, coffee, whatever… see what I and others would find strange about what you take for granted. Are you game, my friends?

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

6 thoughts on “making films for you, i see things as if for the first time

  1. That letterbox… looks like a monument to some long gone, almost forgotten times.
    John’s Texas Chicken? Not very British, aye mate? 🙂

  2. I find lots of things in England are like a monument to some long gone, forgotten times… like the class system! I know how you feel about going away though, Rupert. I lived in Japan and Italy in my early twenties and when I came back, everything was strange and unusual. Have a great time at Pixelodeon. Represent the British vloggers, of whom there seem to be, sadly, too few. Let me know if they are playing the promos there. Mine was a badly edited one with a foal trying to stand up.

  3. they’re also adding cameras to crossings and if you enter a yellow box without an exit, they’ll sutomatically (!) fine you sixty quid!

    you just made me all nostalgic for england.

  4. I’ve been to England several times and consider myself a fairly well traveled person … but somehow whenever I see street shots from England I still find myself looking for Dr. Who style police boxes … and maybe even a Dalek or two.

  5. ha! i loved this.
    perfect “moments showing.”
    you’re noticing things i would notice as an American – the roadster, the mailbox, the fish & chips – and say “oh how very British!” but we usually become blind to all that, seeing it everyday.

    fresh eyes.

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