Uncool (56 secs)

11 thoughts on “Uncool (56 secs)

  1. yeah if you keep holding on to the camera INSTEAD OF THE BIKE, then you will…


    you should strap it to the front with very strong tape and REALLY go for a ride!

  2. you could attach the phone to jacqui when she does her skydiving for Amnesty thing? Too bad you weren’t holding the phone and filming when you did the Bungy jump, mind you the scream would have blown out the microphone in the phone. I would have loved to have seen your face though.

  3. now sing this : just hang on ! to what you’ve got ! and what you’ve got ! you’ve got a lot…. cool pillioning, man…

  4. “Gravity will hold you on.” Riiiight, until you fall off, then gravity and inertia will grind you into the pavement.

    Though it looks like you had a safe ride since you were able to post the video.

    John Leeke

  5. LOL. that was nuts. you make me smile dude, and i aint started work yet. loved that.

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