The end

9 thoughts on “The end

  1. Two pillows? TWO? Wooow… I feel a strong force in London, just waiting for you to return back home, LOL! 🙂
    Nice note on the mirror.

  2. yea, you did look sad…..I feel the same way after a con, meeting all your friends from all over, having fun, getting away for a few days…man going back is rough….by the way rupert, I gotta say I have been really digging your twitter vlogs….it is vlogging in it’s purest and truest form…snipets of live and moments in time….really, really cool

  3. real life moment. marvelous. reminds me of the end of Reading Festival back in the 90’s and packing up the tent and trudging off to the train station muddy and tired and high and low…real life is awesome

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