Two trailers for the price of one

So no sooner did I decide to get back on the horse, than I get an email from David Howell requesting my blessing for a trailer he’s made. Of me. Kind of.
Watch it at – and while you’re there, check out his amazing video art and subscribe to his feed.

I can’t imagine the pain he went through (with a bad back) watching and cutting my face 100 times. Jesus. I’m tickled and amazed by it. But the real punchline is that 2 second flash at the end. What… WHAT? I don’t know if I’m secure and stable enough to cope with being made into a stop motion puppet. Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. My reality is already fraying at the edges.

Permanent link to his videoblog post here

8 thoughts on “Two trailers for the price of one

  1. oh come ON, all the real movie stars have action figures made of them and ok yours looked a bit mental, but then.. you do look a bit mental! and i mean that in the nicest possible way 🙂

    looking forward to season 2…

  2. Hah! The whole Being John Malkovich thing didnt even occur to me!

    Oddly enough, just after completing the final shot, his head fell off. Premonition of things to come? *chuckle*

  3. *His* head fell off? Don’t you mean *my* head fell off? Jesus, it’s so confusing.
    And thanks, Trine. “You do look a bit mental… in the nicest possible way” – I’m touched 🙂

  4. Ummm…heh…yes. Your head fell off 😉

    No fear though! I am a master puppet doctor and will reattached or rebuild as I see fit. Sit still now, this wont hurt a bit!

  5. Regarding the puppet… I thing Ken is dead and his place beside Barbie will be taken by Rupert. Holding a camera. Pointing it to himself.
    Rupert will be made in China (of course) from dangerous materials (recycled phones with video capability) and will come with spare beard and hair. Will have a 1,5V battery inside (replaceable) and will scream “I HATE WORK! I HATE WORK!” when pushed on the butt.
    I have a few more ideas, but for now I’m off to (C) what I wrote so far!
    Looking forward to S2 🙂

  6. I loved it! – it reminded me for some reason of dangermouse episodes or banana man. I love the start bits with the houses and the rain and the drab nature of england. excellent. one critism, it’s a little long running in the mainpart where we see you, also for drama i’d say slow motion some of the parts to cue with the music for more dramatic effect.

    Loved it.

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