normal service will resume imminently

another video about being blocked. don’t watch unless you’re really bored. i do these every so often. as i sit in bed sending this, it occurs to me that past blockage videos have been immediately followed by periods of great inspiration. yes! that’s what’s happening here. this is the bowels of my mind making burbling noises after a long period of constipation. tomorrow, i’m going to wake up and poo everywhere. what a fantastic thought. goodnight xx
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10 thoughts on “normal service will resume imminently

  1. Making something out of nothing is quite something. How do you do that. I just have something and turn it into nothing. I decided to leave the something alone until it calls me really loudly. If I do my best I don’t even hear those somethings sometime.

  2. I really love your curly hair. also that when I clicked the link to this page, it said “comments on normal service will resume imminently”, which means two things at the same time. x

  3. OK, I’ve seen this vid the moment it was posted, but didn’t leave a comment… because… I don’t know, didn’t have anything sane to write back then.
    But now, when I get back and see all this comments… I feel a bit weird not to have posted anything the first time.
    So here I am, commenting! Good vid, Rupert! I hear you!

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