7 thoughts on “Pigs

  1. Were you with the phone or you just left it there? Anyway, this is another reminder that I should watch Hannibal again. And The silence of the lambs, of course…

  2. 1. i love the english upper(/middle) classes. yes we have pigs. don’t everyone?

    2. i was convinced you were using some experimental electronica there, then realised it was just the pigs. excellent sound!

    (2. might be because I’ve had half a bottle of macon rouge. or so.)


  3. @trine gloucester old spots, what what? you should see their mini cows. like cows, but mini.
    Snatch is another good pig-eating-men film.
    But when I have my phone with me, I am fearless.

  4. urgh, I wanna live on a farm. As long as it has decent internet. That sound is so much more pleasing and inspiring than traffic and sirens and people and cell phones and helicopters and more idiot people and commercial radio and lawnmowers and garbage trucks and yet even more idiotic people. Gimme pigs and gimme cows. And silence.

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