Lumiere: Deliverance

(Lumiere films have no sound, are 60 seconds or less, have a fixed camera position – see for more information)

This was shot and cut on my Nokia N93 phone. Not bad, for a phone.

I hate London.
Iím in Devon, staying at my father-in-lawís house on the River Dart.
This is a Lumiere that I shot when I was out in a boat with him earlier this evening. This is him, rowing. I’d love to share with you the sound of the oar, the boat and the water, but you’ll have to imagine it. Apart from anything else, what he was saying is unbroadcastable.

Earlier in the day, we went to Dartmouth on the ferry. I shot 120 clips, and cut them together as a little moving slideshow. But then I forgot my own rules, and cut them in Final Cut Pro instead of something quick & easy like my phone or Quicktime. It didn’t improve the quality of the finished product at all, I don’t think – and I forgot to compress it before I went out for a drunken dinner. So now here I am at 11.45, with the video still stuck compressing and my Day 3 deadline unachievable.

So it’s lucky I shot this Lumiere. In some ways, I prefer it to the video I was going to post.

I’ll post the Dartmouth trip video as soon as it’s done – which will be after midnight – and so maybe I’ll even end up posting 2 videos tomorrow. Or maybe not. There’s no need to show off, is there?

As I finish writing this, it’s 23:58 and the video is just about to finish uploading at Blip. Jesus. 23:59. Copied and pasted. Here we go.

12 thoughts on “Lumiere: Deliverance

  1. Day 3. We’re all still here, I think. This is making me think 2 days ahead. When I am thinking of an idea, filming, editing and posting all on the same day, that’s when I’ll start to fail!

  2. Also wanted to add that NaVloPoMo is having a NaNoWriMo like effect on my writing. Like you said, the next vid erases the day before. I’m keeping that in mind when I write. Just writing every day and not caring about what has come before. I’m not doing 2000 words a day though, more like 200. Quote from Oliver Burkeman in the Weekend Guardian which applies to writing and vlogging,

    “Apart from anything else, the ‘one focus’ belief [he’s talking about people who choose to work a variety of different jobs vs people who have a single career] serves to inhibit action: if you have to give up your job as a lawyer to become a screenwriter – because people have to have one job – you’ll probably never become a screenwriter. If you spend one hour actually screenwriting, you already are one.”

  3. That is so calming. It’s 2:13am here and I needed that…ZZzzzzzzz

    I love the way your imagination has to fill in the sounds. And it really does with each stroke.

    David Howell gave us a boat tour too today…well actually I should say yesterday being here in London. Very confusing. The web never sleeps. A bit like me…

  4. I agree with Robert, very confusing to watch right after David’s vid 🙂 Too bad we don’t have audio, would like to hear him saying how things used to be without phones etc, LOL

  5. very nice lumiere. and that’s good that you are not going crazy with watching and doing so many movies. 😉
    tomorrow is another day and another video that we can experiment with. I am liking it.
    nice sunday and weekend for all the vloggers.

    (i had posted it in the navlopomo page but maybe it belongs here)

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