Season 2 and a half

Back at the end of last year, I think I joked about starting Season 2 of Twittervlog… after a bit of a hiatus.

But it never really got off the ground. I’ve spent the last six months posting apologies for being too busy.

And not finding the time to videoblog my move.

Anyway. Fuck all that. I’M BACK! And now I live in Canada, I’m going to have time to do all sorts of cool new things.

Like videoblogging my experience of moving to Canada, making films about the communities around me, sharing some of the other film & video stuff I’ve been doing, and reviewing & pimping the videomakers I like.

That’s the idea, anyway. We’ll see how it plays out. We’re having another baby in September, so there’ll probably be QUITE A BIG HIATUS around then.

But I’m going to give regular videoblogging another shot. And I’ve already started. There’s something uploading to Blip right now, as I type. A VIDEOBLOG POST. HOLY SHIT!

Thanks for sticking with me and for all your comments and emails. That’s what it’s all about – why I love it, why I keep doing it.

3 thoughts on “Season 2 and a half

  1. Ha, Ha – it’s hilarious – chuckling away here as I’m supposed to be working (think I’ll go mow my lawn instead). SO GLAD you and Kate and Amy live 2 Houses (!!) away from me! Can still hardly believe you guys moved 5,000 miles from London (the most economically influential city in the world) to Cumberland (the most economically challenged village in N.A.) Maybe the videoblogging mania will float over the long Cumberland grass to here – I’ve been trying to get out and video Cumberland for years – time to get a little video camera!!

  2. welcome back rupert!
    what a huge house, indeed. and it seems that springtime reached canada.
    happy vlogging ahead then.
    cheers, best regards
    (still no nokia? there are some on ebay once in a while)

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