plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

I just watched three videos by Jen Proctor, Cheryl Colan and David Howell, and realised that I should really stop worrying about finding time to cut all this stuff I’ve been shooting. Nothing is too small. Moments are MacGuffins.

10 thoughts on “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

  1. Oh the brilliance of Twittervlog. Never ever ever think anything you produce is too ‘small’. This has everything for me. Please keep them coming…Oh, and here’s a very late night smile 🙂

  2. OGoodness! You’ve moved! And you’re beard has returned. Are you feeling ok? Digestive Biscuits with Chocolate? Love that vest!

  3. Yes! No moment too small, no editing necessary! WHY can’t I live by this rule? WHY do I fret about editing and footage and whether it’s actually interesting?!

    Freaking TEA is interesting!

    (well, it is when YOU prepare it, anyway)

  4. My sister and I have been talking lately about all the different ways there are to live a life, and this is a lovely glimpse into one of them. And damn funny.

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