what? *plane* crash??

out for an evening bike ride with amy.

glad i took my phone out with me, for the first time in a long time.


17 thoughts on “what? *plane* crash??

  1. ha ha, love crazy neighbors. His stories may well be true, but he sounds mad as a hatter 🙂

    did he have any idea you were recording this?

    and Amy looks adorable riding her trike

    ay ay

  2. And I thought that only I met such interesting people on the street. Amazing clip. Great way to start the morning with a smile.

  3. you are absolutely forbidden from leaving your house without a phone or camera. That is brilliant.

  4. LOL! I can only understand you & Amy most of the time, Ru. Love this. Take the phone everywhere. Record the weird little things, please. Life is obviously completely surreal!!

  5. OMG … and here I thought my city had all the colorful characters living here! I kept waiting for him to tell you about his friend Wilson that kept him company on the beach. Your final expression was absolutely priceless.

  6. Oh yeah…did I forget to tell you about what kind of people live over on the island? Heh…there are more there that are like him than not.

    p.s. It wasnt the dogfish that got the people on the plane. He ate them.

  7. The one thought running through my head was “did *he* eat the others? (in order to survive)”

  8. That’s ace. Was enjoying your English politeness. Amy is already sounding slightly north american, or is that just me…? xe

  9. @adam he didn’t know i was recording for most of it, but in a part i cut out before i left i told him. he didn’t seem to mind.

    @ezra & @jim if you meet a lot of crazy people, record them all! there are more interesting wackos here than anywhere i’ve been. i’ve wanted to have a conversation like this on camera ever since i saw this video by Erik Nelson: http://www.bullemhead.com/fivefour/mountain-man.html

    @chris & @cheryl i will never leave the house without a camera again

    @rick yup, the street’s livelier than most. it’s not just him…

    @robert 🙂 curiously i felt less like sending a distress signal talking to him than most people i meet on the street…

    @whatleydude 😀

    @david & @ezra 8 months… you might have a point, there. maybe i’ll ask him next time i see him. and record the answer.

    @gogen i’m not sure he’s what you’d call a Typical Canadian. but then again…

    @lize i can’t believe you picked up amy’s north american accent from this. yes, she’s already pretty much there. this week she told kate “it’s not yogg-ut, mommy, it’s yoe-gurrt.’

    @documentally i agree

    @shane normally, i would too – but the camera made me want it to go on forever!

  10. There is a story about the wonderful Jung that I recall but maybe not absolutely accurately. However you will get the gist and the truth and the wisdom behind what i remember about it. As I sit with so many people during my workday, listening to their stories, hearing them trying to make sense of what is happening in their lives, I remember Jung and travel with them into their worlds and then back into my own and sometimes I wonder …….

    A visitor to Carl Jung arrived rather early and greeting him Jung excused himself saying he’d be back soon but he had to finish a conversation with someone who was telling him about her last visit to the moon. The visitor said ” You mean the last visit to the moon that she thinks she made” “No” said Jung, “I have been listening to the story of where she has been, that is her reality and I accept it. Your reality is that she only thinks that she has been there and I accept that also”

    It might be quite dull if we all lived in the same reality mightn’t it?
    Glad to know you have found the best way to discovery Ru.

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