Night Life in Twin Peaks

25 thoughts on “Night Life in Twin Peaks

  1. Oh.My.God.

    I dont think I have ever laughed so hard as I have watching this.

    I fully expected the Man from Another Place to come shuffle out of the fog and gift you with some backward speak. Close though with a thousand words a second.

    Agent Howe, I believe you have a task at hand. Collect more garmonbozia and be wary. BOB may still be near at hand.

  2. that is the funniest thing EVER! wasnt he the cousin of the queen guy? can there possibly be 2 of them in cumberland?! well, apart from you of course. you’re in good company m’dear… oh my goddd… i LOVE your “mmm” as you agree with him heartily not being insane and the “goodness” when he says its his brother/nephew who chopped someone up into tiny pieces… you are CLASSIC… very funny, thanks, i was feeling sad and missing you all, now I’m just glad i’m a long longgg way away! only kidding… still missing you xxx j

  3. @lize & @jax the more afraid i get, the more english i get. like the time i was about to get mugged in san francisco and i started talking to them about when i met princess diana.
    @david you know the word garmonbozia? our karmic connection deepens.
    @paul until i moved here, i didn’t realise twin peaks and northern exposure were reality television.
    @valdez i told him we were both related to the queen, so now he thinks i’m family. like a brother or a nephew, maybe. oh, wait…

  4. Hilarious! Do like attract like I wonder?
    I keep thinking of your two lovely children and wonder…………

    Have you met the log lady yet?
    She’s not Kate is she?

    Be careful on your night time wandering!

  5. And you only popped out for a cigarette.

    You really are an inspiration. The way you sculpt these beautiful forms and intimations from your raw material. Showing that which is hidden, as Cocteau might say. Sublime.

  6. That was great Mr H.. it makes me think of all the conversations i’ve had and wished i recorded them – brilliant can’t wait to see the next one ***

  7. spooky. i know him well. he lives in the same house as… he is one great story teller. goodness: that’s what makes you capture the voice of our ghostly inhabitants. Chopped up bodies- indeed!

  8. That was great man.

    Did I imagine Roy Orbison singing ‘In Dreams’ to this.

    Yeah, I did imagine it. *nervous giggle*

    You’ve spooked me out.

    Good one dude.

  9. I know this man well, his name is chatterbox, but his real name is barry rodgers, his hobbies include harrassing passers by in cumberland and telling them his stupendous tales. he is also related to the queen who is both his cousin and his sister.

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