#Vlomo10 – Day 1

8 thoughts on “#Vlomo10 – Day 1

  1. Hi Rupert!
    You are off to a good start as always. I understand your anxiety on not finishing VloMo, but its true what you say: keep it simple!
    I will try to mostly use my iPhone with iMovie, but sometimes i find it easier to edit on Final Cut, but its very good to know the iMovie app works remarkably well too. 🙂
    May NaVloPoMo flourish with lots of nice videos. 😉
    Nice to be back to this group vlogging! 🙂
    Regards, ZN

  2. great! I’ll try to kss this year too, though I was off to a bad start on day1 & reverted to playing in isadora (it’s the only time of year I tend to do it so ok for me anyway)

  3. Sure Sure… for 4 years, I’ve been watching Rupert, you start strong… but by day 8, it starts to dwindle?
    Hehehe… I’m really rooting for you. Come on Rupert. Do it this month!

  4. LOVE IT.

    Felt like you were holding me by the neck the whole time and shouting into my face. Perfecto.

    The lady sitting next to me on the bus also liked it.

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