A great way to watch YouTube and #Vlomo10 videos – Day 7


One useful thing I didn’t say is that you can open any video in a new tab for commenting later, without leaving the Leanback interface. Just ctrl or command click the title of any video in the thumbnails scroller, and it’ll open in a new tab.

For #Vlomo10 – Day 7

H264 720p podcast file

10 thoughts on “A great way to watch YouTube and #Vlomo10 videos – Day 7

  1. Awesome, I’ve never heard of youtube leanback before, will definitely check it out, seems alot easier to just sit back on the couch or whatever an digest the day’s load of content as you said.

  2. Thank you!!!!! gee I have been going thru tweetdeck and that goes to firefox and before I know it I have 10 videos on the browser and it has taken hours to go thru them all.

  3. Haha loved it! Felt a bit like a character in a holodeck on star trek when you paused me.’it’s not day 5 you maniac!’ thanks for the comment! 😉

  4. brilliant! thanks I didn’t know about this
    & I’ve been missing all the non-youtube ones if they hadn’t been linked into twitter too so I’ll try mefeedia again too

  5. I knew about leanback but had never considered using it this way. Thanks for helping me see things differently. You’re really good at that.

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