Search Engine Optimization for video blogs

A post so boring that it’s taken at least 15 attempts to finish it. I doubt it even makes sense, but I’m so sick of it that I just have to post it or I’ll hate myself forever.

The WordPress plugins I mentioned are:
All in One SEO Pack
Google XML Sitemap Generator

(You can see that I’ve used the SEO pack to make an alternative Title for this post – see top of page. I also made custom Meta Description & Keywords for it.)

This is a great example of something that could have been done much more effectively with text than with video. I suppose somebody could’ve made a really densely illustrated screencast demonstration, instead of it just being me talking into Photobooth on my balcony. But, frankly, who would bother?

And I don’t know why it took me nearly 9 minutes to tell you, “Do SEO. Download these plugins. It’ll bring you more viewers” – but I do hope that it’ll bring you more viewers, if you actually managed to watch more than about 30 seconds of it without blowing your brains out.

Now I’ve got past this nightmare, I can move on to more fun things later this week. Please, God.

iPod/iPhone compatible mp4 file

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