Search Engine Optimization for video blogs

A post so boring that it’s taken at least 15 attempts to finish it. I doubt it even makes sense, but I’m so sick of it that I just have to post it or I’ll hate myself forever.

The WordPress plugins I mentioned are:
All in One SEO Pack
Google XML Sitemap Generator

(You can see that I’ve used the SEO pack to make an alternative Title for this post – see top of page. I also made custom Meta Description & Keywords for it.)

This is a great example of something that could have been done much more effectively with text than with video. I suppose somebody could’ve made a really densely illustrated screencast demonstration, instead of it just being me talking into Photobooth on my balcony. But, frankly, who would bother?

And I don’t know why it took me nearly 9 minutes to tell you, “Do SEO. Download these plugins. It’ll bring you more viewers” – but I do hope that it’ll bring you more viewers, if you actually managed to watch more than about 30 seconds of it without blowing your brains out.

Now I’ve got past this nightmare, I can move on to more fun things later this week. Please, God.

iPod/iPhone compatible mp4 file

13 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization for video blogs

  1. Thanks Rupert, this was really great. I installed both those plug-ins late last year and could definately see an improvement from the xml sitemaps, but i never actually used the all in one seo plug-in, i though it was kinda redundant as i had edited the global meta data for my blog, but the way you explained it makes total sense, each page (video) is different and should have it’s own set of meta data too.

    Gonna also check the h1 tag tip, and keep it in mind when i re-redesign my blog again soon-ish 🙂

  2. Ok, I’m going to re-think my reluctance to use SEO techniques. Yeah I’m one of those that outside of keywords I haven’t been paying attention. I do kinda associated with people trying to game the system to upload trash and not quality posts.

    Maybe it is time for people that produced actual content to set up and reclaim the Internet. I’ll work on changing my mind.

  3. Great info, thanks Rupert! Good thing I’m on the treadmill to stay awake. Nice set of apps in the toolbar, too….(eye drift)… cya!

  4. Sweet post! I started using the plugin that lets you edit your individual post title and keywords on new sites. This summer with be the redesign where I integrate it on my own videoblog. You’re absolutely right, it makes a huge difference. I appreciate you doing the screencast about it. It IS exhausting describing what these things do. But how else are vloggers going to find out unless people who know take the time to show them. You’re super for doing it. So thanks.

    Also, it’s freaking great to see you posting again. Seriously.

    One weird thing. I had to download the mp4 to view this. It simply would not play in your show player for me. Instead the show player started with the James Bond theme and then rolled back through older videos.

  5. This is really useful, Rupert. I still need to upgrade my WordPress site (!) but once I do, I’m definitely going to work on SEO (you know, so I rank highly with search terms like “abstract,” “esoteric,” and “What is this weird crap? I was looking for videos about funny cats”).

  6. Neat video, Rupert. I had never thought of screen-capturing photo booth!

    As a request, can you give any more details of (and link to?) the software you use to check your rankings? I have now installed the plugins you suggest on several of my blogs …

  7. thanks folks! well done for staying awake.
    @jen, you are already seo queen without trying. i noticed that you are already the top dog among us if you search for videoblogging week.
    @frank, the software we use to track positions/ranking is Advanced Web Ranking. it’s not cheap, unfortunately – it’s $200 for the entry level version – but it is good.
    @cheryl, sorry you had trouble. it’s working fine here, but blip has been having the occasional blip recently, i think.
    @adam i suffer from dock bloat. i want as many things as possible in my screen to clutter it up. it makes me feel cosy.
    @krystian yeah, when you start getting into customising posts and pages with the plugin, it has quite a big effect.
    @gena i always thought the same about seo until i started doing it. the good stuff is about anti-spam. it’s a battle of good versus weevil.

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