Videoblogging Week Day One Or Two Or Three

16 thoughts on “Videoblogging Week Day One Or Two Or Three

  1. Joy it twas to see your icon pop up on twitter. Proof, if needed, that you were still alive and the muses still graced you with their presence.

    I hang my head in shame that I have not posted a frame this very week. I have numerous excuses but non particularly strong enough to save my life, were it dependent upon it. So perhaps before the week concludes I’ll jump in [THE GODS: Ha!] at least once.

    Your post, of course, is hilarious. And, as always, so very true…

  2. Your day 1 post and my day one post would make good bookends for VBW 2009 I think…..btw, I didn’t know you were half Italian….

  3. Oh dear Rupert,
    I see your humor, your cuteness, your transparent angst are alive and well. The multiple metaphors embedded here could entertain an analysis class for an entire semester! Not that you should take that route. I once had a Jungian dream therapist and when I realized I was entertaining him more than he was helping me, I quit. He begged me not to, and offered to switch and let him pay me, but he declined.

    The mouse pointer was aimed at your third eye a lot – assisting no doubt in using your inner visions. Feed them as you wish. I for one love you whether you make it on the page or not.

  4. Hi Rupert, very entertaining video as always. nice to see you come back. I hope to make some videoblog one of these days… for now i am making videos for others, but at list i am making videos again, and i like it. 🙂

    Will check now your video about Search Engine Optimization.
    … and will check others videoblogs too off course.

    and you do the italian mob guy well i must say! 😉

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