twittervlog: 6.35pm Save Twittervlog!

4 thoughts on “twittervlog: 6.35pm Save Twittervlog!

  1. Ok Rupert,

    Tonight, once I have my new Treo, I’ll post something for her to see.

    Ok. Maybe not tonight because I’ll have to set up the Treo to do this. No later than tomorrow afternoon though!

    I’ll post the link here in the comments for you.

  2. You have scary eyes. 🙂

    But im liking these reality snaps, you dont cut it as such either which is great. raw is always good.

  3. Thanks, Phil… for the second part 🙂
    I’m a big fan of raw, rough and ready. Giving an immediate snapshot of something that’s happening right now – or at least in the last few hours – is what it’s all about here. Good to get a flow of videos going – at the start, whenever I haven’t been doing it for while, I find it hard to talk fluently to the camera, and am so used to depending on cuts. I used to jump cut my talking heads a lot – but even if I wanted to, it’s too much of a pain to do with the in-phone editor. So it just encourages me to ramble a bit, but try not to do it for too long… and as I do it more I am happier with the results. Some people are naturally concise and articulate in speech… I’m definitely not! Hence my lack of persuasive power with Kate.

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