twittervlog: 6.53pm MASSIVE FLASHMOB silent rave in London Victoria train station!

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)At 6.53 this evening, there was a flashmob at Victoria Station in London. If you don’t know, the idea of a flashmob is that everyone gathers, and at the appointed time, starts doing something together. In this case, dancing to the music in their headphones. A silent rave. These used to be small things, with a few dozen people quietly dancing while the commuters looked on in confusion. Not any more.

Were you there? It was pretty wild.

13 thoughts on “twittervlog: 6.53pm MASSIVE FLASHMOB silent rave in London Victoria train station!

  1. Yeah! That was great. I had some music on in the background that made my feel i was there with my own music.

  2. I often have a spontaneous one-person rave in my room. In fact, I think I’ll have one right now. Where’s that Kenny Rogers record?

  3. cool! next one can u put the headphones over the camera so we can hear the tunes too. they’ve done parties like that in sydney over the years

  4. NOTICE: Help to make this a proper good spectacle and extend the invitation to your friends!

    It’s Friday night. People all around are going out for a night of frolicking to wind down for the weekend. Many live happily enough doing the same thing every week. Let’s shake things up a little bit and give them something to see!

    The plan goes something like this – come into Town by the clock (outside BHS) with your MP3 players, headphones and whatnot, and come to the clock. then count down to 6pm on the 18th July 2008, then slap on your favourite song and dance like no one is watching. That done, disperse and resume your usual Friday business, whatever that may be.

    And have fun, and tell more people!!!

    for me info email

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