twittervlog – how to relax with a coffee in the sunshine, London-s tyle

5 thoughts on “twittervlog – how to relax with a coffee in the sunshine, London-s tyle

  1. People must not stop and relax in public places…keep moving. Be productive. Be a good consumer. Do not aggregate. Aggregation leads to subversion.

  2. I’m really like your vlogs these days rupert. it’s laid back and makes me realise that video production that i used to worry about really is not that important in vlogging anymore with such great ways to get that message out NOW.

    It builds up a social connection far better than the awkward human initial contacts ever could.

  3. Thanks, man – I am loving the immediacy of it. And the ease with which to capture and publish these moments. I’m a big fan of rough and ready, real moments, too.

    I have so many moments sitting on disk from the last 2-3 years (and much further back than that on tape) which never saw the light of day because it was too hard to find the time and energy to cut, compress and post, even though i have all this amazing equipment ready and waiting.

    Sometimes the technology overwhelms. I felt that because I know how, and because I’ve got all the equipment, and because I’ve got a passion & skill for editing, I should always be producing amazing, crafted little movies. And yet I never made them because I didn’t have the time. So I didn’t do anything. Idiot.

    I’ve been talking for ages about how this time is a great convergence for me, with my filmmaking skills and computer & web skills. But so what, if I’m sitting idle?

    So one of the points of doing this was to break through all those moments where I felt I shouldn’t bother to post something unless I was trying to Be The Best I Could Be, in terms of production values, editing, the whole deal. It was also caught up with all these ideas about building and retaining audiences as well, making a sustainable show that I could justify spending more time on. Fuck all that! There’s a time and a place for it, but when it’s stopping you doing anything at all, it’s time to just cut loose and start flexing those creative muscles from the bottom up.

    Now I’m doing it because it’s fun and it’s nice to put something out there for people to watch, like a free gift… rather than doing something because I want something in return. But mostly because it’s fun.

    And suddenly I’m talking to lots of people, and you and I are chatting back and forth… some of that is Twitter, and some of that is the vlog, but I’m reading even more stuff online and engaging with people and it’s definitely the right direction for me. More Doing, less wishing.

    Now I feel ready to do some more involved things in addition to the twittervlogging, and devote energy to things like Node101 and Podcamp Europe. Which is great. But i like Rough & Ready now, and that’s going to carry on.

  4. I think you are being slightly modest Rupert. This lovely little film has great “production values” in the same way that Art Tatum playing ‘Over the Rainbow’ does ( as opposed, say, to a Beethoven Piano Sonata). The mobile lends it a kind of improvisational , jazz sensibility – mobiles make for really nice, light, witty, delicate, camera work -the reflection, the BUS lettering seen from an angle, the ritornello like shot of your, it has to be said, slightly-Zen-monk-like face.
    & of course you didn’t simply *do that* out of nothing, in the same way that Coltrane didn’t just *do that* to ‘My Favourite Things’ -all the things you did before, with the “conventional” production values,all that disciplining experience, feeds into *that moment* at the bus-stop.
    And when you decide to return to “production values” then some of that spontaneity will in turn make what you do then that little bit looser…

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