journey to my first Social Media Club Meeting (6 mins)

****UPDATE****CHRIST! Now the videos aren’t uploading at Blip, so this is an empty post. Technical nightmare day. GRRRR. And I was up til 3 trying to fix my phone. Why now?*****

… And i don’t just mean a physical one, man… 😉 But wow, I think i am killing my N93. Almost 50 videos shot, cut and posted with it in the last 3-4 weeks with few problems, but now it’s crashing like a Windows box. Lost everything 4 times last night while trying to cut this, which is usually easy. And 2 more crashes this morning. The edit system doesn’t allow you to save, only export to a finished file, and often it’s the export that crashes the phone. Bad bad bad design. I mean, it’s pretty cool to be able to cut in the phone, but several things like this could be so much better. Wish i could tell them. Maybe it’s better in the newer N95. Will have to wait a year to find out though. I really hope this one’s not dying – I’ve been enjoying this vlog. RAAAAAAAAA! Tags: movlog,twitter,social media club london,nokia n93 problems,rupert,tube,bus,london,lloyd davis,starbucks

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One thought on “journey to my first Social Media Club Meeting (6 mins)

  1. Dude – it was great to see London – with the sunshine and the bendy-bus. Missing my other homeland.

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