twittervlog – The Phaaantommm of the Vlogosphere is here… INSIDE MY MIIIIND…

Send me things to do! to rupert at fatgirlinohio dot org, or by commenting here or twittering @ruperthowe ! PLEASE! I’m going stir- & pain- crazy under this bag 🙂

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9 thoughts on “twittervlog – The Phaaantommm of the Vlogosphere is here… INSIDE MY MIIIIND…

  1. Right now i am in shock. Are you gonna be ok? – i mean dude, your wearing a tesco bag. 🙂

    So when you gonna be ok again? – doctors says much?

  2. i know, that tesco bag CANNOT be helping you!

    rupert, i am quite concerned about this. please at least use one of thoe trendy “I am not a bag”-bags from sainsbury’s or something…

  3. i tried an ocado bag, but it ripped too much. and if i used a trendy not a bag bag, what would i do for eye holes? i wouldn’t be able to cut any into it, and people would laugh at me.

    doctor tomorrow. but the internet prognosis is 7-10 days, suck it up and wait.

  4. Poor blistery Rupert!Eeek! Are they in your mouth? You can gargle and swish around some warm salty water in your mouth…that should help with the swelling and pain.

    Soak your hands and feet in an Aveeno bath… do you have Aveeno over there? It’s like an oatmeal bath…comes in green packets. Very soothing. Or you could also try cornstarch. Make a paste with some water and smear it all over yourself.

    Take some Tylenol!

    And (this might seem obvious) don’t shave till it’s totally gone!

    I have to agree that a plastic bag is not the way to go. Maybe an old t-shirt with holes cut out for your eyes?

  5. lol oh man … I’m sorry to say that despite my concern for you I couldnt help but laugh (hard) when I saw the plastic bag mask / rubber gloved shot.

    About the time I recovered I heard the oh so casual statement: “…and I … haven’t been eating much shit lately, so …”

    lol … comedy in the face of being cursed, that’s twittervlog for ya.

  6. OMG! that is painful… but painfully funny as well.

    Where and how you got this foot and mouth thing… outter space? jilted neighbor? spiders?

    Glad to see you’re on the road to recovery! I love the bag… don’t retire it yet.. you should do more twitters with that bag in memory of the event.

  7. the weird thing is, if you hadn’t been struck down by unidentified, poo related illnesses in reality, you’d never have made something so brilliant for me to watch and laugh at so hard I heard some muscle pop in my lower abdomen. I’m trying to process this. because clearly, I don’t want you to be afflicted by odd, poo related illnesses again. and yet… for a video like this, I might begin to. do you see? the moral maze you’ve thrown me in? gah

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