how Amy reacted to hearing her mummy’s song on the radio just now

Kate’s new album is being released this month! (

Her brother Henry, who runs the Leon chain of fast healthy food restaurants, was being interviewed on Smooth FM and they played the first track from the album.

It’s the first airplay it’s had, so Amy and I listened in while Kate was out having fun somewhere. When the song finishes, it’s like she’s leaving the house…

PS Thanks for your well wishes about my pus. The doctor said he’d never seen Hand Foot & Mouth Disease in an adult before – and quarantined me for a week. It hurts less now and doesn’t look so bad, so I’ve taken off the plastic bag, but I’m tired and bored and feeling a bit low so I’m going to take a bit of a break from things like Twitter and the Yahoo videoblog group so i don’t sit here all day writing more stir crazy rubbish. Blogger’s remorse…

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7 thoughts on “how Amy reacted to hearing her mummy’s song on the radio just now

  1. Awww! She reacted just as if her Mommy suddenly disappeared from the room! That was so cute and sweet and sad!

  2. dude, you captured a great moment there. i’m so looking forward to these.. . 🙂

  3. 🙂

    At least all you have to do is put on a CD now.

    BTW, wanted to thank you for your contribs to the vb article.

    I’ve been avoiding editing it completely… instead trying to focus on making it a place for collaboration again.

    I wanted to catch up with you on IM and ask how it’s going though.

    I trust at least now, temporarily Pat is deleting less additions?


  4. 1. she her voice is really pretty
    2. great reaction
    3. great moment showing video
    4. i am loving twittervlog

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