My Music Video for Vlog Deathmatch

Anarchy in the U.K. from ruperthowe on Vimeo.

For the music video challenge. Please click that link and then click the button by my name to vote for me. You have two votes, so you can also vote for someone else. If you really want to. I did it for fun, but now it’s all about kicking ass and coming in for the big WIN. In Deathmatch, there is no second place.Music is The Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the UK. Lyrics here

i can now never hear the Pistols or the word Anarchy without thinking ‘Vlog Anarchy‘, a post by Verdi in 2005 – check it out.

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (protected) (.m4v)

13 thoughts on “My Music Video for Vlog Deathmatch

  1. So here I am. Your call to anarchy has lured me into the world of twitter. No longer disinterested. I am an avid fan. See you later x kate

  2. A work of sublime, anarchist genius. London will never be the same again. Plus I can’t stop laughing…

  3. i LOVE you Rupert!! this is pure brilliant funny cool stuff… all your days of suffering your sister playing punk paid off in the end!! and those guys eyes in the tube – the very funniest bit of my day! thank you!

  4. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen among many vlog recordings!
    This is The ultimate boundary, The final frontier, The edge of the Solar system… this is what I’m looking for here!
    I bow down in silence.
    After this, I can only feel miserable with my pathetic recordings, but thank you for this vlog experience!

  5. Rupert, nice to meet you Mate! Your video caught BOTH my votes despite being direct messaged by Irina on Twitter to vote for her. I loved her video but I just kept wanting to watch yours over and over. Once I reviewed your other vlogs I learned that you are just an amazing, effusive, wonderfully interesting person and the style in which you made the music video really matched your regular videos. I don’t normally watch vlog’s but I will now – at least yours. Brilliant!

  6. God, I loved this video, Rupert. I commented over at VDM and I’ll comment again here. Nothing is more punk rock than lip-screaming into a cell phone in public IN LONDON! You outdid yourself.

    I do love Irina’s video (more than I love my own–and she gets mad props for writing her own rap) and I like The Burg’s, too, but because I enjoy more “vlogging from the masses” type stuff, there’s something about a full production crew and a $$camera that…well…it just shows how much vlogging has changed.

    Not in a bad way. Just changed.

    I’d have voted for you if I hadn’t voted for myself!

  7. you captured the spirit i ove in Videobloging. You walking down the street, recording from your cellphone, performing in public. No one knew what you were creating. My hero.

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