Room 773 (recut) and Nokia #MiniMO

Sadly, this video was deleted for breach of copyright. Thanks so much for your votes. We were doing well…
You can see the original here.

I can’t embed this video, so here’s a link to it:

It’s a shorter 90 recut of Videoblogging The Conversation, for the Nokia MiniMO competition.

They want 90 second mobile videos, inspired by your favourite movie scenes. Shot on phones or point & shoot cameras. The standard of entries so far is pretty so-so – a lot of you vloggers could clean up here… The prizes include a trip to the Cannes Lions Advertising festival at the end of the month and a bunch of video kit and phones.

and I’d love your votes! 😉

I’m going to shoot another one this weekend, I think, based on the opening scene of Narc, perhaps. More to follow.

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vlomo09 day 10

in case you haven’t seen, or if you only get these videos via email or RSS, the last few days’ videos have been posted on rather than as individual posts on Twittervlog.

you can see them in the little player at the top right of the Twittervlog site, or by clicking here to see them on my channel at

no doubt more vlomo videos will be posted on 12seconds this month – it’s a manageable way to meet the challenge of posting every day, although I don’t just post any old clips there. Even a 12 second moment can tell some kind of story – and I try to get two or three different elements in each one.

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

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Spies, Free Hugs and Helsinki Twestival – Day 1 Nokia N86 Tour 2009

It’s taken me a week to find the time to sort through the footage and cut it down to a watchable size – but here are 8 minutes of highlights from the 18 or so hours of non-stop filming we did on Day 1. We had some technical hitches with uploading, so I didn’t post from the road as much as I’d wanted.

@philcampbell, @vikkichowney and I were sent by Nokia & Womworld on an 18,000 mile tour of Twestivals last weekend, with instructions to document the trip on the new Nokia N86 8MP – we started in Helsinki, and then headed off in different directions – me to Bucharest, Phil to Dubai, Vikki to, um, Birmingham – where we handed our N86s over to @bvlad and @freshplastic who continued the tour – all of us reconvening in Oxford on Sunday night.

Twestivals are essentially meetups of Twitter users in scores of cities around the world, to raise money for local causes. Each city’s cause was chosen by an online vote.

Nokia sponsored our trip (as well as carbon offsetting our miles) by giving a Euro for every 5 miles we travelled. So in the end, we raised around €3600 for local causes. Plus we carried with us a free Nokia N86 for each Twestival we visited to raffle or auction.

More to come – and I’ll post some links to all the media that I and the others generated.

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv)

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Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

A little something from earlier.

I’m not going to be posting everything here – just a few bits and pieces. You can follow the whole tour on Twitter here: @ruperthowe – and by following the #n86tour hashtag that the three of us are using (just put n86tour into the search box) – and most of my video will be on my Flickr stream – when my phone is actually posting things properly. Bloody technology.

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