Not In Canada Anymore

20 thoughts on “Not In Canada Anymore

  1. “It was good over there. We had a good time” he said with a look on his face that doesn’t tell the whole truth 😉

    Glad to see that you are happy again 🙂

  2. It’s funny. I spent 3 months in London (pretty much around when you last vlogged) so I now see your videos with a new perspective too. I used to go to the Walkabout that’s next door to where you finished filming.

    “How can you possibly feel mad doing anything in the middle of this”. Damn right. I miss London. At least I can see it through your eyes now!

  3. thanks everyone!
    @nico Damn! I’m sorry our paths didn’t cross. next time…
    – it’s funny, i see it fresh, like you must’ve seen it.
    as gena and kath said, contrasts & perspective are good – different layers of perspective, like a new layer of varnish. i can still recall what i thought before, which makes it even better. very cool.
    and @david: one day, i might do a post that tells the whole truth – but not yet, not yet…

  4. Welcome back Rupert. Great that London is pushing your buttons in a good way now.

    Just try not to fall back too quickly into the habits which drove you away. Remind yourself every now and again that you are actually a puzzled visitor from a small-town on Vancouver Island 🙂

  5. Glad you are happy to be back in London, i would be too – instead I am stuck in Australian suburbia – for the time being anyway!!

  6. dude – my life is so about catching movies on a weekday afternoon, alone, with all the other lonely creeps in the theater – I feel like my mind becomes clear just walking there that by the time I come out, everything seems possible again -hope same goes for you. looking forward to more!

  7. @mike i moved to the wrong side – clearly i should have moved to where you are…
    @frank thanks! great advice – i’m trying to maintain *exactly* that.
    @marge i can never dissociate the idea of australian suburbia from muriel’s wedding.
    @taxiplasm i think it’s my greatest secret pleasure – i watched all the canadians getting so excited about mountain biking and skiing, and all i wanted to do was have a dark cinema i could sneak off to in the afternoons 🙂
    @pauld but… but… i so wanted to be the Beautiful BC guy!
    @heath er, yes… thank you… 😉

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