Room 773 (recut) and Nokia #MiniMO

Sadly, this video was deleted for breach of copyright. Thanks so much for your votes. We were doing well…
You can see the original here.

I can’t embed this video, so here’s a link to it:

It’s a shorter 90 recut of Videoblogging The Conversation, for the Nokia MiniMO competition.

They want 90 second mobile videos, inspired by your favourite movie scenes. Shot on phones or point & shoot cameras. The standard of entries so far is pretty so-so – a lot of you vloggers could clean up here… The prizes include a trip to the Cannes Lions Advertising festival at the end of the month and a bunch of video kit and phones.

and I’d love your votes! 😉

I’m going to shoot another one this weekend, I think, based on the opening scene of Narc, perhaps. More to follow.

I only found out about this competition by accident. Apparently, Nokia and MO Film have been touring universities this year, teaching mobile filmmaking to students.
I’m regularly amazed by how little joined-up thinking seems to happen with these initiatives. There are so many people around – like me – who are passionate about creative videoblogging and mobile filmmaking, and keep getting involved with trying to get people doing more of it. And then every time there’s a new competition or promotional event to get people doing it, they put a bunch of money behind promoting it, as if it’s never been done before – but never contact us. Frustrating.
All it would take is a simple email list. Maybe what we need, as has been mentioned before, is to start to organize ourselves?

One thought on “Room 773 (recut) and Nokia #MiniMO

  1. Hi there Rupert, I’m the community manager for the MiniMO and just wanted to drop by to say thanks for taking the time to enter the competition!

    Not sure if you’re aware, but for the next week we’re still running mini competitions via the blog and the official @Nokia_UK Twitter account – this week’s prize is a whopping 50 extras to star in your submission! All you have to do is comment on this blog post:

    or tweet us (including the hashtag #minimo) with your favourite movie’s plot in 140 characters or less! Think of it as a Twitter screenplay.

    Look forward to seeing your next submission!


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