Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

A little something from earlier.

I’m not going to be posting everything here – just a few bits and pieces. You can follow the whole tour on Twitter here: @ruperthowe – and by following the #n86tour hashtag that the three of us are using (just put n86tour into the search box) – and most of my video will be on my Flickr stream – when my phone is actually posting things properly. Bloody technology.

4 thoughts on “Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

  1. Classic!

    I’ve never been to ‘!..HELSINKI..!’ (said in shouty Caine style) and I’m feeling very envious.

    Whole heartedly approve of the Harry Palmer vibe. Watch out for the retired Colonel with heavy eyebrows.

    Have a good one out there & give my best to Phil.


  2. Very long time since I was in Helsinki (1976!). Mobile phones with ‘video’ (in fact, mobile phones without video) then belonged to sci fi. And once years ago in Soviet Moscow there was a knock at my hotel door a little after midnight and it was a short Russian woman (just like your man but without the mustache)dressed in black who said in a quiet but authoritative and distinctly menacing voice: “I have to check your room. We think there may be a problem.” (?!) She then brushed past me, pottered about without explanation, looked here and there, said thank you and left.

    And, of course, your Michael Caine impersonation is even better than Michael Caine’s.

  3. That is one of the greatest videos ever. Yep. I’ve said it. So many things I love about it. It looks like you spent a lot of time cutting it . . . but I know you didn’t. The exotic location. The shot of the architecture. The karate chop move. MC’s glasses. Your impression of MC. The fucking word Helsinki. The way you say mustache. Your lower teeth. The urgency . . . the possibility of foul play . . . the fake radio . . . the hard ending . . . the man with mustache returns and is garroting you!! Hope not anyway.

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