Spies, Free Hugs and Helsinki Twestival – Day 1 Nokia N86 Tour 2009

It’s taken me a week to find the time to sort through the footage and cut it down to a watchable size – but here are 8 minutes of highlights from the 18 or so hours of non-stop filming we did on Day 1. We had some technical hitches with uploading, so I didn’t post from the road as much as I’d wanted.

@philcampbell, @vikkichowney and I were sent by Nokia & Womworld on an 18,000 mile tour of Twestivals last weekend, with instructions to document the trip on the new Nokia N86 8MP – we started in Helsinki, and then headed off in different directions – me to Bucharest, Phil to Dubai, Vikki to, um, Birmingham – where we handed our N86s over to @bvlad and @freshplastic who continued the tour – all of us reconvening in Oxford on Sunday night.

Twestivals are essentially meetups of Twitter users in scores of cities around the world, to raise money for local causes. Each city’s cause was chosen by an online vote.

Nokia sponsored our trip (as well as carbon offsetting our miles) by giving a Euro for every 5 miles we travelled. So in the end, we raised around €3600 for local causes. Plus we carried with us a free Nokia N86 for each Twestival we visited to raffle or auction.

More to come – and I’ll post some links to all the media that I and the others generated.

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv)

9 thoughts on “Spies, Free Hugs and Helsinki Twestival – Day 1 Nokia N86 Tour 2009

  1. thanks fellas.
    glad you like the length, krystian. i was in two minds about cutting it right down to half the length – which would have lost a lot of pace & detail but would’ve made it more watchable. or breaking the whole trip up into smaller chunks.
    at 8+ mins it’s several times longer than the average twittervlog video – and i’ve noticed that the longer the video, the fewer comments there are – so i assume that most people expect something very short, give up & click away. with this, there was a conflict between documenting the trip – which was what I was there for – and making it a watchable length. i’m still not sure i’ve got the balance right here…

  2. I actually at first thought a few things.

    – oh god this is going to be really bad and i’ll have my backside hanging out
    – i’ll look a fool
    – or i’ll say something stupid.

    After achieving all three in admiral fashion i thought i would post to tell you that i watched it all and it was great. really love it. a good memory saved.

    Hope you and the girls are well.

  3. thanks mate 🙂
    there are a couple of phil moments that i love but which i had to cut out for time & language reasons (language not usually a concern here, so that was weird) – but not because you ever looked a fool or said anything stupid. you were a brilliant videoblogging companion – let’s do it again soon…

  4. Great stuff indeed. After all it is always rewarding to do projects of any kind… Very rarely they cause disappointment. Thanks for visiting in Helsinki and your effort during the N86 tour. Feels already now like golden times 😉

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