Outside Downing St, watching Gordon Brown depart

Shot on my Nokia N93 phone

iPhone video file link

4 thoughts on “Outside Downing St, watching Gordon Brown depart

  1. Hey if you need any Tea Party folks to add to the enjoyment I’m sure we could spare a few. They don’t spell so good. Some TPs seriously lack critical thinking and social skills but in their defense they do draw attention to a party.

    What do you say we exchange about 50,000 or so for U.S. access to new Dr. Who episodes?

    No? Shucks. Anyway, looking forward to the new UK festivities to take the heat off of U.S. shenanigans.

  2. Nice to see that event from different angle than on CNN! BTW this is the longest vid I’ve seen your both arms thanks to (?) who was holding a camera 🙂

  3. hilarious!
    historic moments are most of the time so usual to look at, yet so strangely unusual.

    btw: great camera work! no hands at the end? how to ? -or did you have a camera-holder?

    best, sam

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