20 seconds moving snapshot of nothing from the end of our street on a beautiful day.

I was just answering Trine’s thesis questions about what prompts me to post… and how audience-focussed I am.

for a long time i’ve wanted to post more simple snapshots of things i see and like.

but i’ve been afraid of putting up stuff that’s too inconsequential… and boring you.

anyway, i was thinking all this just as i was passing the corner of our road, with the pillar (post) box lit up bright red in the sun… and i just pressed Record and stayed still.

A car came past with bass thumping so loud it set off another car’s alarm, then a third car raced round the corner. and a man with crutches hobbled past.

Then i pressed stop. It was just 20 seconds of nothing… but it captured something about our neighbourhood. like a flickr snapshot… but moving.

the more i vlog from my phone, the more open i am to the world around me and the more moments i have like this.

And I’ve realised that i’m starting to go out looking for them. so, instead of things happening to me that prompt me to post, i’m actively starting to look for things to post.

it’s helping me enjoy this city… a place I’ve HATED living for the last 10 years. So in a small but significant way, it’s changing my life.

finally, what I’m also realising is that if I post short pieces everyday, I can put all sorts of things up here that will appeal to all sorts of people at different times. which was my aim in setting it up – to share any and all moments from my life that i felt i wanted to share.

That’s one of the beautiful things about this medium, as opposed to TV. You don’t have a limited timeslot in which you MUST appeal to the maximum number of people.

For those of you who thought today’s video was a bit So What… subscribe in your Google Reader and come back tomorrow or the next day. You might see something you prefer – and it won’t cost you nuffink.

Oh, and if you like or don’t like something… say so here – and i’ll come and do the same at your blog. just remember to leave the URL. Blogger’s profile links are useless.

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5 thoughts on “20 seconds moving snapshot of nothing from the end of our street on a beautiful day.

  1. Often, there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than a simple moment in time.

    You captured it wonderfully.

  2. Keep ’em coming! What you make is good stuff, a true vlogging… at least that’s how I see it. Vlogs don’t always have to have a deep meaning or “high production value”… just make ’em and post ’em! And have fun! 🙂

  3. I really liked your post (I found your blog through the Twitter public timeline).

    The quest to find something beautiful in the ‘everyday’ is definitely not inconsequential.

    I’ve attached a link to my blog. It follows a similar theme – finding something special in what other people would throw away (or delete!). Hope you like it


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