Magic Castle – three men in a room

25 thoughts on “Magic Castle – three men in a room

  1. there’s got to be a pullout bed and a way to request another bed….
    or you can share that sweet queen size bed. hott

  2. So finally, I see the truth…..The texts I get home are “hey babe, everything’s fine, plane got in OK, bit tired, miss you blah blah” but I go online and there it is! Finally, proof of the underground movement that is vlogging – a cunning and extravagant facade to hide a world of illicit liasons that us computer illiterate spouses have been ignorant of…Until now!!

  3. kate, drop me an email i’ll come and help you through these dark times while he is away. your surfing skillz have impressed me. YOU KNOW he misses you, you KNOW that. 🙂

    Nice to see you here kate finally. 🙂

  4. nah it must be all cool surely. i mean tbh, sam is the same with me, she understands my passion with computers but always has those kneejerk reactions to my online things, she gets very concerned/paranoid (and i suppose rightfully so if she does not know about the FRIENDS part) about people i know online.

    Just wish she was as passionate about the people and friendships i have forged online as much as me sometimes. You can’t force people to understand. 🙂

  5. Thanks guys for the empathy. You see what happens when you leave your fellow European vloggers behind Ru? I steal your friends! Brilliant.

  6. oops. I logged on as you..

    which means I can change your profile while you’re away. hmmm interesting..

  7. Hold on. What are you actually doing there? Is there a big drug deal going down or something? You’re going to need to be a bit more discreet…

  8. Freakin’ priceless.

    You went from, “I want to stay here forever” to, “…uh…umm…are we all sharing a bed?”

    All the while the soothing music pipes itself in the background.

    Have fun!
    – Lea Howell

    *waves to Kate Howe from across the pond*

  9. Stay here forever! LOL.

    Update – heard from Daniel:
    The sofa is a pull-out bed. Daniel moved into a single (rm. 102) so he is out of the mix.

    Heard from Rupert: he put all his stuff on the bed because Streeter wasn’t there yet. On way back to hotel Rupert was hoping Bill hadn’t tossed his stuff onto the sofa.

    Tomorrow we find out who slept where!

  10. You’ll probably be okay with that bed, as long as you keep one eye open to watch Bill.

  11. Best comments ever 😀

    Turned out that Bill and Daniel were very nice young gentlemen. They were gentle with me.

    Finding the time to do everything is hard. IT’S FULL ON, HERE.

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