where i am right now

10 thoughts on “where i am right now

  1. yo….we saw your trip into town through twitter. Email me if you want us to pick you up tomorrow.

    you’re really close to us!!!’
    come sleep on the couch if you don’t want to stay there!!!


    I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch Rupert!

    Or…sometime or another.

    Dammit. I will hunt you down.

  4. i have a feeling that rupert is gonna be overwhelmed with love from the vloggers in LA. Doing his uk thing. 🙂

  5. It wasn’t that scary hostel on Hollywood Blvd. was it? Nooooo. Not there.

    There is another hostel around the corner from the Liberty that seems to be a lot nicer and certainly cheaper called the Orange Manor.

    We’ll definitely help to find you a better place.

    Then we got to get you fed proper. Don’t eat any bad Hollywood pizza, go to Scooby’s or Quiznos.

    Can’t wait to meet you dude!

  6. Charles says, CRAZY MAN how on earth did we manage that? she replies It was easy and fun. They both say
    What a gas !
    We laughed til we cried.

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