just another day as rupert howe

God, it’s been a busy few days. Very low activity here. Sorry.
Thought I’d registered Twittervlog.com – turns out I hadn’t completed payment and someone else has cybersquatted it. And .org. And .net. Vermin.
But screw it – at Pixelodeon, I was talking to Daniel and David and Michael about a logo for Twittervlog for the new site while we were drawing on our placemats like kids at Mel’s Diner, and Daniel (I think) pointed out the obvious gag to me: that TwitterVlog was TV. So I’ve registered Twittervlog.tv – which is perfect. I’ve made a nice square red TV Guide logo and I’ll be uploading everything there in the next couple of days. HURRAY! And then I’ll get back on the case posting films again.

When I shot this, I thought I’d end up posting this tomorrow morning, but actually posted this from their house as soon as I got there, just a few minutes later… so I haven’t put my WordPress blog online yet.
The domain will be Twittervlog.com – currently dead.
And I’m talking about ShowInABox.tv, which is the best thing to happen to videoblogging since Blip.tv

I wish I’d taken another video of what I looked like by the time I arrived. The rain didn’t abate at all. It intensified. I was *soaked*. Had to borrow a t shirt and tracksuit trousers, just like John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson.

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

15 thoughts on “just another day as rupert howe

  1. You got your priorities straight. Vlogging rules! You got me laughing (you often do) and shaking my head.

  2. All in a day in the life of Rupert Howe.

    I love how you get these moments. I always find that I never have the time to do this or that no one will ever care about what I do on a daily basis. You prove me wrong with every video.

  3. OMG, Rupert! I really adore you! Oh, and I just noticed you’re going to host with GoDaddy? They’re here in my town so I can go kick them for you if they ever mess up Twittervlog.com.

  4. Never mind the midday sun, only mad dogs and Englishmen would attempt videoblogging, clearing up a broken wine bottle and smoking a fag in torrential downpour. You’re a nutter, an awesome and dedicated nutter. Love it.

    Also this reminds me that when I get down on living in SoCal (shallow humorless people and dreadful traffic) and think about moving back to London (good beer, good TV) I should really count my blessings

  5. Hiya, could you forward me a personal email address for you please as would really like to show you a new mobile phone to web product to see what you think as you obviously know your stuff, Cheers, Adam. adam.freeman@hotmail.co.uk

  6. Wheee! I hope you didn’t catch a terrible cold in all that rain. I LOVE the Twittervlog TV icon and the WP site looks groovy!

  7. Yipee! That was awesome… it’s like animal tricks… and you my friend are a very wet shaggy dog. Do it again! Do it again!

    Was great meating you in LA. So glad you made it!



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