Jet lag

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  1. Man how do you make the stupidest things so damn funny and interesting? LoL 😉 I’ve been watching your vids for about a month now and you remind me of someone I know here in America except he doesn’t have the cool accent and he’s not nearly as funny 🙂

  2. Hey Rupert I just noticed something on your wordpress site. How did you get the “check this box to be notified when someone comments” underneath the comments field? I have wordpress too and I was just wondering how you did that or if it came with your template? I would really love to offer that for my tiny little reader base. 🙂

  3. welcome back Rupert. We missed you mate. Jet lag SUCKS, especially going that way. Coming this way aint so bad. Cant imagine taking a toddler on a 12 hour flight. I have put off taking my boy back to the mother land for precisely this reason.

    Canada, in general, and Vancouver BC, in particular, is so flippin’ great. I loved it too. Still plotting a way to move north o’ the border. I would do so in a heartbeat.

    looking forward to the ensuing madness on twittervlog….seeya ’bout

  4. welcome back! that was sooo funny tinged with a lot of scariness … your film didnt download properly so i was forced to watch the whole lot in stacatto slow motion … GR-I-ZZ-L-EE-EE A-D-AMZZZ and the rotweiller impression of londonerrs was especially effective! … hope you’re feeling better and up to a dose of “bubblishiousville” visiting soon – we can do BC stylee nice talk here too ya know!! x

  5. Dude – I thought that was a young Eric Clapton at first, except I didn’t see a gallon-size bag of coke near you.

    Seriously, welcome back. I’ve never been good at getting over jetlag either. It just tears me apart like a hungry dingo until I am somehow cured. Returning from SE Asia was the worst…


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