my blue wave

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i am out of the office this afternoon. i thought going to a caf‚Äö?†??¬¨¬© to make a To Do list might make a difference.

i thought i’d snap my immediate environment in terms of how everything feels at the moment – flat, sharp, overwhelming, muted, colourless, all at the same time – and when i mostly failed, i just cut it together right now in the phone anyway. why not? got me out of my head for a moment. can’t be doing sitting on all these unposted videos – the original point of twittervlog was to get past that stifling old isitgoodenough filter and reach out, publish every day from my phone regardless of mood or time available. flex the creative muscles at a basic level.

as for my mood, it’s nothing serious – just bullshit that i’m sure will pass when i get on top of my work – which isn’t that hard. tomorrow. tomorrow. i love ya, tomorrow.

And the best is yet to come / You may think you are the only one / To never get it right / Just stick around on this lovely lovely night / And we may be amazed /
By my blue wave

To conclude this interview / Many facts and fictions you construe / The dog gives you the paw / You pat his head and you wipe his jaw / He’s the only one who knew /
About my blue wave

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3 thoughts on “my blue wave

  1. This is the way. Jazz visuals. Riffing on the moment. Or as Wordsworth would say: [Visual]”Poetry is the the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”.

    And Joni Mitchell in the background. We love you, Joni. Always will…

  2. i really like this. it reminds me of the student films we used to make. but the fact this was produced entirely on a cell phone speaks not only of the technological advancement but also of your talent as a storyteller.

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