Semanal #1: The Sound of Music?

This is my first post for Semanal

Post one video every week in 2008. That's all you have to do.

Five days after it was announced, there are already 80 people signed up!

Hopefully more will join throughout the year. (It's about the weekliness, and shouldn't be limited by whether people found out about it in its first seven days).

And this weekend in Brighton, Beth Tilston has organised a screening of films from Navlopomo – our month of videoblogging every day in November. Ryanne and Jay are visiting from America, and they'll be joining us. See more details about the screening here.

Semanal is continuing the spirit of Navlopomo, with a long-distance challenge instead of a 30 day sprint.

I expect that the cool things about Navlopomo will develop much further – the sense of community, the inspiration and the way that people replied to, referenced and remixed each other in their films. And we'll meet a whole load of new people from around the world.

Viva Semanal!

19 thoughts on “Semanal #1: The Sound of Music?

  1. Proper beautiful. The music doesn’t have to make sense, it’s all about the joy of playing. And she’s having a bucket load of fun there, you can tell!

    Nice vid Rupert. Nice greens as well.


  2. ru! I just had an idea. dan has a video camera on his phone. can I … do it myself? will i become a video blogger? is it easy?

  3. @lucy YES it is! let us know when you’re all set up! check out for any help you might need…

    @rupert, please tell me this isn’t shot on your phone? it’s so perfectly clear.

    and she is so GOOD. growing up surrounded by music and media is such a gift. I never had it. Helene (and Amy) is immersed in it. what will they do one day?

  4. Beautiful piece. I love the color palette on this. Done on the N95? I wish as adults we could embrace new things with the enthusiasm and no inhibitions a toddler does.

  5. Move over Julie. A star is born. A truly classic moment.

    *I was taken to see The Sound of Music five times by my mother before I was nine. I’m sure it accounts for a lot.

  6. Emerging back into the world after my enforced absence, this was the first Semanal video I watched. Amy. Is. Completely. Brilliant. You’ll have all the piano books you need, I’m sure, but she can have my “Teaching Little Fingers to Play” and all the other books I learned with. And they’ve got GOLD STARS in them, and other colored stars, all very shiny. All my gold stars are for Amy.

  7. Great first submission, loved the fact that you singled out the bright greens onto a monochromic background great style and timing.

    P.S thanks for being the first commenter on my blog, appreciate it.

  8. Yea! That was so great. I love how she looked at you at the end, as if she hadn’t noticed you already with the camera. Imagine how amazing this video will be in 20 years.

  9. she’s great. wonder what she’ll think of it when you show her when she’s grown up. i can see her bio now.. ‘improv pianist at the age of…’ your house looks nice.

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