Sorry I’ve been away for a while, particularly right after the start of Semanal.

I’ve been teaching gypsy traveller kids to videoblog all around the country, and trying to keep up with my other regular client work in the meantime – and it’s been FULL ON. I know I videoblog with my phone, and I know I should just post stuff and be damned… but apart from the fact that I can barely manage to check my email most days, I’ve felt like I can’t blog about my experiences with these kids while the project is going on. It might cause problems. So. I’ll be back in action in a couple of weeks, maybe less.

Also, it’s quite good to have a little break every now and then. Recharge. Now I’m champing at the bit.

See you soon.


6 thoughts on “MIA

  1. I know about the work thing I am flooded sometimes and all quiet the next… I have also been asked to work with a group of travelers as part of a youth new media arts project – (no one know what vlogging is up here in north but I am just doing it anyway) anyway my interst is have you any output website, videos etc yet … or workshopy tips?

  2. Oh sure. The old “I’m working with gypsy kids” routine. I suppose the “dog” ate your video camera, as well? As if we haven’t heard THAT one before……

    You rock for even feeling like you need to take the time to explain yourself. We’ll wait for you, sir!

  3. I just watched Anarchy in the UK (yes, again), so I felt like making a post here, for good old time’s sake. I miss last year’s events and I sincerely hope that there’ll be a chance in the future to meet again among good vids, not only with you but with other vloggers as well (they know who they are)! Be well, R!

  4. Hey Rascal! Working with the gypsy kids. Teaching them vlogging eh? Dude, let them post on Semenal. Get the little darlings to aim the camera at each other and have them tell their story.

    I know about the work crunch. I do understand. I wish there was an easier way to earn a living enjoy life and make a difference. It is the eternal triangle. No worries.

    All in good time.

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