How To Prepare For A Home Birth…

As most of you know, Lila was born AGES ago. I’ve resisted publishing any videos until now. She’s four weeks old today, and with a prompt from Kate, I figure that’s enough of a respectful pause. It was about as good a birth as you could hope for – 3 hour labour from 6am to 9am, born in water, 8lbs 5oz. I won’t get into why we chose a home birth – that’s for another post, maybe. But this is quite a nice memento of the days leading up to it (she was born 7 days after this) and once it’s up on the web, I’m sure some of you watching it will be new parents who are frantically Googling for information about what your home birth will be like. Good luck! Our two have been the most amazing experiences of my life.

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  1. Very nice… thanks for sharing. We had our kids in the hospital, but this method seems to be a wonderful way to be welcomed to the world. Good luck Mom… stay out of the way dad.

  2. In our case, each daughter (we have three) got progressively larger in birth weight with our last child weighing in at a hefty 10 pounds. We may have required a larger birthing pool had we delivered at home. Congratulations on your new arrival!

    Interesting that at the time of my comment, only men have replied to this post.

  3. You guys totally rock. Well actually, its pretty much Kate that does all the rockin’ in this one. Much respect for any woman who can do a natural home birth. From my own experience I remember labour/childbirth is no picnic. So huge props for doing this TWICE!!

    And of course huge congrats to all 4 of you. Rupert, hows it gonna feel TOTALLY surrounded by girls.

  4. Yay! This was so much fun to watch, even after the fact! I love the pool. Watching it inflate reminded me of the critter pods in Aliens.

    kudos to you both for doing it at home not once but twice! Go Kate!

  5. congratulations on the safe arrival of lila 🙂 3 hours of home birth sounds great. Must be lovely to be at home, especially in the immediate aftermath – all the family together where you are happiest.

    Kate seemed to have really thought through how she wanted the room set out. It all seemed so doable. Maybe one day I’ll go for a HVBAC, although I believe the NHS try to pretend you can’t have those.

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