cumberland morning light and mists right now

13 thoughts on “cumberland morning light and mists right now

  1. You live in a beautiful part of the world and your phone camera has captured the beauty of your surroundings,the happiness in your face and the passion in your voice. Great video of the moment.

  2. That was beautiful! Makes me wish I didn’t live in the city. Though I do have a tree in front of my building, oddly enough.

    I also love the smell of woodsmoke.

    Where did you purchase your new N93? That’s looking like a good option for me as well.

  3. Don’t remember seeing that sort of beauty in London. Welcome to Canada.
    Even with your mobile phone, the moment was captured and shared to world.
    Nicely done.

  4. Beautiful, do take more of those fabulous colours before they all fall, There’s a wonderful red tree just down the road from you on the way to Courtenay. I wish I’d taken more pictures of those colours. I wish I was there now enjoying all of you. I could almost smell that wonderful woodsmoke odour

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