Halloween in Cumberland – VloMo08, Day 1

Is this what Halloween is like everywhere in North America?


Speaking of madness, it’s suddenly Videoblogging Month again. Already? How did that happen?

Last year it was called NaVloPoMo, but it’s (sadly?) just been renamed Videoblogging Month 2008 – VloMo08 for short.

Post one video every day in November. That’s all you have to do…

2007 was the first year, and it turned out to be an incredible collaborative experiment. Exhausting but rewarding. I hope this year is as much fun.

Actually, I think for me it’ll be *more* fun. Last year I just didn’t have time to watch enough. But then, between us all, we made over 1000 videos in 30 days.

You can watch (and JOIN IN) at our new Mefeedia channel:

I can’t wait to see the videos start coming in.

Meanwhile, it’s now 2 a.m. – so you’ll have to excuse me. I have a *lot* of candy to get through before Amy wakes up.

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v), Flash Video (.flv)

13 thoughts on “Halloween in Cumberland – VloMo08, Day 1

  1. sadly Rupert, Halloween for children is becoming more and more like your video. We used to roam scores of neighborhoods after dark, kicking in pumpkins and puking up chocolate. them were the days.

  2. Incredible! Where the hell do you live? Halloween will never be the same again. Brilliantly done.

    I’m so jealous you’ve made and uploaded your first VloMo08 vid. And you’re hours behind me, too. Oh dear. Yesterday I got a ‘new’ second-hand Xacti. All I’ve got to do now is learn how to switch it on.

    Of course, that rain will soon be snow. It snowed in London last week!

  3. Ah…and the BC rains begin 😉

    Fun stuff. Rather odd that your Halloween was door to door at the shops in town. When I was young it was always after dark and door to door at houses. None the less it looked like a lot of fun!

    p.s. Dont count too much on that rain turning into snow.

  4. madness indeed! American Halloween kicks candy ass!

    When I was a kid, trick-or-treating was exclusively at people’s homes. No stores. Ever. And since we were all in big apartment buildings, you’d get a group of kids together who DIDN’T live in the same building so you could hit all of THEIR buildings! We were so clever when it came to candy.

    But now?

    It all stores and no homes. So sad.

    And upstate it was awesome last year! Easily 100 trick-or-treaters. This uywar? Maybe 20. More popcon balls for me!

    Happy (Na)Vlo(Po)Mo!

  5. I see Amy’s adopted a new tactic called “just ignore daddy and eventually he’ll stop” – it’s cute, but I miss her sweet little voice. Hope she had fun!

  6. there’s the making of a celebrity body guard there at the end – “no photos!”

    everyone went to so much trouble – their costumes look great!

    we didn’t really do this in Brisbane (Australia) when I was a kid, I think a couple of years we tried it but the costumes were ones we put together so didn’t look as professional as those! only the parents of the kids involved knew to have lollies ready as we’d told them what to do.

  7. I used to make 2 costumes, go out early in the first one, then change and go out with my sister….twice the candy….and I still took the best of my sister’s loot….ah….good times….good times….

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