Amy’s Dream – Vlomo08 Day 8

13 thoughts on “Amy’s Dream – Vlomo08 Day 8

  1. Oh dear! What a fantastic dream! Yes, scary, but also cool. Have you ever seen the photography of Arthur Tress? He has a book called “The Dream Collector” where he worked with children to re-enact and photograph scenes from their dreams. It’s probably my favorite photography work, ever.

  2. Yeah scary, she’s really descriptive too, maybe she’ll become a writer or telling stories like you do when she gets older.

    @Cheryl that book sounds really interesting, gonna google it now.

  3. Such a story teller! And with a little developing North American accent, too. Oddly enough, Arthur Tress has a group of photos called “Shadow Series”:

    Also, I just wanted to double check. The monster in her back was black, right? 🙂

  4. Well my grand-daughter certainly has a graphic imagination – a fantastic dream – perhaps she’ll become a writer. You must keep this to show her when she grows up. I hear the Canadian accent creeping in.

  5. @cheryl @tim i hadn’t heard of Arthur Tress. great photographs.
    @frank she’s never seen any Doctor Who… which means that either they’re really good at tapping into the kind of images that lurk in kid’s nightmares… or she’s destined to be the next Russell T Davies 🙂
    whatever, she’s got me scared.

    as a sidenote, she saw the end of the Conversation video when Kate was playing it today – I tried to stop her seeing it, but failed. so i told her somebody had put lots of paint in the toilet. then, when she was at a friend’s house later this morning, she went to the loo and asked, “Will the blood come out of the toilet?”

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