Ghost Ships of Royston at dusk – VloMo08 Day 11

9 thoughts on “Ghost Ships of Royston at dusk – VloMo08 Day 11

  1. That looks like shots across the straight at my fathers town. Comox? Is that what I’m seeing there? Or is it the reservation over there? It all looks so familiar.

    Beautiful. Homesick x200.

  2. Yup. That’s Comox on the other side of the inlet. The reservation is just to the left. Comox means ‘land of plenty’. Sea, beaches, rivers, mountains, forests, meadows, pastures, farms, islands, Walmart, Pamela Anderson and Kim Cattrall. Land of plenty.

  3. Truly wonderful that you have all this recorded to show that little girl in years to come. And most definitely yes, she is the King of the Castle.

  4. Oh the places you will go….You’ll be on your way up, you will be seeing great sights, you’ll join the high fliers, who soar to high heights….Oh, the places you will go….

  5. it is minus 15 here right now with only 6 hours of daylight – the sea ice has frozen this weekend past – the earliest in 15 years – global warming is over – it is difficult to hear someone having such fun at a beach and not having to wear 10 layers of clothing with space boots on the feet – cu at Christmas

  6. Isn’t great how the kids want you to see the good things that they do? Kinda like . . . a videoblogger. I’m guilty here.

    Good looking footage. Beautiful place.


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