Our veg garden – the follow up post – VloMo08 Day 12

Because of having a baby and everything, I never got a chance to post this follow up to our post about creating a raised vegetable bed on our lawn. It worked!

Not terribly exciting – just a moment from a summer afternoon – but I figured VloMo08 was a good excuse to post it, especially as I’m a day behind.

Also, it’s a good excuse to point anyone who hasn’t seen it back to the original post, which is one of my favourites of the vids I’ve made since arriving in Canada. Kate should have her own show:

Podcast file (iPod / iPhone video)

9 thoughts on “Our veg garden – the follow up post – VloMo08 Day 12

  1. yay, I am glad you found out about the ‘cabbage’ that was actually broccoli, I am growing cabages and broccoli at the moment in my garden and I am hoping that I will eventually get some big beautiful, delicious florets as well! Gardens definitely do rock!! is it a sign we are getting older, being excited about our gardens??

  2. Yum stuff. You are so lucky that things grow soooooooo quickly. Our gardening Summer season here is about 4/5 weeks shorter than even in the South East of UK. I really struggle to grow veg up here in the wilds of Exmoor. I’ll put money on it that next year your raised bed will be double that size.

  3. That garden turned out amazing! Brian is right next to me saying “see! See! Just dump some soil in the front yard and grow food there!”

    This is because he is

    a) impressed with your garden and
    B) doesn’t like mowing the front yard.

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