Capturing the castle before breakfast – Video blogging week day four

Old clips given a home for videoblogging week 2009.

Château de Quéribus (map) is one of the Cathar Castles in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France – the Pays Cathare, or “Cathar Country”. Quéribus is sometimes considered the last refuge of the Cathars – perhaps where the Cathar treasure (the Grail?) was carried to, by the four Cathars who escaped the bloody fall of Montségur.
It’s an eerie feeling to have it all to yourself before dawn.

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13 thoughts on “Capturing the castle before breakfast – Video blogging week day four

  1. The past is a foreign country…

    That was completely beautiful. Memory made luscious (precious!). Glad you captured the castle. Captain Alban looked shocked that you were both up so early. But the birds didn’t mind. Song was the least they could do on such a stunningly glorious morning.

    *I want that breakfast.

  2. That was fantastic. And funny how Kate was upset about the video (now she’s a pro/should have her own videoblog). The first thing I thought was where is the baby but this was before babies. Doesn’t it seem like a million years ago?

  3. Great video, love the scrolling information that’s right on beat.

    I think the pasteries were my favourite aspect of being in France, i had 3+ a day, but was snowboarding enough to burn them off 🙂

  4. @robert i want that breakfast, too
    @verdi it seems like a million years ago to *me* and Amy’s only three. it must seem like a billion to you. i must admit that i did have some problems controlling my jealousy at the rupert in the video.
    @jen kate blushed
    @david next stop europe
    @krystian i just eat the pastries and then go to sleep, that way i get to keep them in me forever. was happy with the text – just my regular style in imovie, but inspired by jen’s kinetic type experiment earlier in the week

  5. a senere yet magical piece of video ! the fine use of moving text to balance ( enhance ?) the image(s) worked quite well. ( and sort of made me think of the old-fashioned ” romans-photos” with text biubbles.
    still: it is the absolute freshness of the “eye”, seeing things for the first time that gives the video its pleasurable intensity. the ultimate curiosity of genuinely discovering the world, with unclotered sight of blissfull “meaninglessness”. (& there is so much love in all the observations ) :the time is always now !
    a magical moment, recorded and shared. thank you !

  6. Hi Rupert!

    I’m Jordi from Barcelona. I’ve seen your video, very nice! I have one question for you:

    I intend to go this Saturday to Quéribus and try to sleep there (vivac with a sleeping bag in the top of the castle) to see the sun rise in the morning. I thought that the castle was closed during the night (before and after opening times), but I have seen that you and Kate went in before the morning opening time. So, there is chance to go inside the castle during the night, what do you think? Of course, with a good flashlight…

    Any idea of the chance of doing the same thing in Peyrepertuse, another cathar castle close to Quéribus?

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Hi Jordi!
    It’s totally open, and so is Peyrepertuse – there are no gates and no staff, so you should be able to do it.
    But I’d take a lot of warm clothes!
    I love those castles. Both would be amazing places to sleep and wake up. The sunrise is incredible.
    Good luck!

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