What People Do With Their Hands

It’s November again. Which means NaVloPoMo. Which means posting one video a day every day.

With all the things I’ve got going on, there’s not much chance of me being able to do that this year, but it’s a good prompt to post some videos when I can.

I’ve also devised a game of consequences to run alongside NaVloPoMo, with 30 videobloggers in a chain, each posting on a different day, each inspired in some way by the previous day’s video. More tomorrow, which is my day.

16 thoughts on “What People Do With Their Hands

  1. What a start! A brilliant choreography of non collision. Ballet on the streets of London. Lilt, ebb, flow and interweave. Faantastic! And, yes, the hands… 🙂 More!

    *I have the best seat in the cinema, a big tub of popcorn and I’m watching.

  2. Hi Rupert and others,
    Nice start indeed. liked it a lot. hope you are doing many more this month.
    Hi Robert! You should deliver some videos too, they are always inspiring for everyone. 🙂
    Rgds everyone.

  3. @robert you won’t be able to resist publishing *something* this month. i can feel it.
    @mike i’m not promising anything 🙂
    @pauld …and playing?
    @whatleydude hurray!
    @cherylcolan thanks – vertical suddenly made sense for capturing people in full at close quarters
    @jc i’d say about 70% of those people were werewolves
    @heath yeah! i was one of the people walking past, and thought “Hold on…”
    @zn you are playing too? looking forward to it
    @verdi exactly.

  4. very cool. they didn’t seem to notice you standing there for a couple of mins filming either. too busy passing by I guess. makes me think of something a friend said earlier this week “Slow down world! Where have all the fae gone? i miss us!”

  5. @kath i’m always afraid of people being annoyed, but they never are – they either don’t notice or don’t care. we’re so used to being filmed – there are more CCTV cameras per person in the UK than anywhere else in the world, and there are 60 million of us on a smallish island. the only people who have ever objected to me filming with my phone are the police. sigh.

    @trine one of my favourite things about videoblogging is the secret power of titles to affect how people watch, and what their expectations are.

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