What People Do With Their Hands

It’s November again. Which means NaVloPoMo. Which means posting one video a day every day.

With all the things I’ve got going on, there’s not much chance of me being able to do that this year, but it’s a good prompt to post some videos when I can.

I’ve also devised a game of consequences to run alongside NaVloPoMo, with 30 videobloggers in a chain, each posting on a different day, each inspired in some way by the previous day’s video. More tomorrow, which is my day.

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This is Red Five; I’m going in!

This is one of the things I’m going to miss most about England when I go to Canada.

I shot this on Monday in Devon, on the way back from Kate’s dad’s cottage to the station in the nearest town. 20 minutes of death star taxi adrenaline. I was wondering what I should do with it until I saw Gogen’s NaVloPoMo Day 7 video of his drive back home through his town at night, set to music. Then I realised I’d secretly known all along what to do with it. NaVloPoMo is full of people responding to and being inspired by other people’s videos. Organic video conversations. I love it.

And I love how – when cutting quickly to music – you can find and take advantage of chance interactions between image and soundtrack.

It feels good to finally add the score for real, since when I’m actually driving at high speed along single lane country roads, this is *always* what I’m singing to myself in my head. And if I’m driving and there’s nobody else in the car, maybe perhaps sometimes I might even possibly have been known to sing it out loud. Maybe even quite loud. Especially the bit that kicks in after he turns off the tracking computer. It’s like being 11 again!

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James Bond iPod Karaoke #2

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Yesterday evening, on the way home over London Bridge in rush hour, listening to my iPod, I was overwhelmed by the urge to flip open my phone and record this for the VlogDeathmath.com Drunk Underwear Karaoke Challenge.

It’s not for the win, just something silly I did in one shot last night to get the ball rolling, because nobody else had posted on yet. And to show people that they don’t need to get too freaked out by any issues of quality, production values, nakedness or anything else. You just need to cut loose.

So it’s not on the scale of Anarchy in the UK, but it was fun to do anyway.

The rules of the latest Deathmatch are to use any or all of the words Drunk Underwear Karaoke as a basis for your video.

I wasn’t drunk, or in my underwear (i was tempted) but yesterday was my last day of work before a month-long holiday in Canada, so I *was* totally lightheaded with joy. Or maybe it was that I’d lost my wallet and hadn’t eaten anything all day.

Turns out that the challenge was designed to attract non-videobloggers to the Pioneer Two Boots movie theater in New York where these entries will be screened on 11 August. If I’d known it was going to be shown to an audience on a big screen when I recorded it, I would have done it at twice the resolution. And I would have done it in my underwear. And I definitely would have done it drunk.

So – videobloggers – come and join the party. You’ll get your videos shown on a big screen in New York. What are you waiting for? Get drunk, get naked, get down…


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Abe Linkoln & Jimpunk rework my Anarchy In The UK

Brook Hinton just left a comment with a link to this post at Disco-nnect – by Abe Linkoln with guest remixers Jimpunk and Subculture.
I love it.
It’s an acoustic improvement on my Anarchy In The UK Vlog Deathmatch video.
Check it out:

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Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

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For Lucy

Two things that have hypnotized and haunted me all week:

Music: performed by Adam Quirk
from standards.bullemhead.com – see comments for explanation

Image: on every phone box in West London
see also flickr.com/photos/ruperthowe

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