This is Red Five; I’m going in!

This is one of the things I’m going to miss most about England when I go to Canada.

I shot this on Monday in Devon, on the way back from Kate’s dad’s cottage to the station in the nearest town. 20 minutes of death star taxi adrenaline. I was wondering what I should do with it until I saw Gogen’s NaVloPoMo Day 7 video of his drive back home through his town at night, set to music. Then I realised I’d secretly known all along what to do with it. NaVloPoMo is full of people responding to and being inspired by other people’s videos. Organic video conversations. I love it.

And I love how – when cutting quickly to music – you can find and take advantage of chance interactions between image and soundtrack.

It feels good to finally add the score for real, since when I’m actually driving at high speed along single lane country roads, this is *always* what I’m singing to myself in my head. And if I’m driving and there’s nobody else in the car, maybe perhaps sometimes I might even possibly have been known to sing it out loud. Maybe even quite loud. Especially the bit that kicks in after he turns off the tracking computer. It’s like being 11 again!

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22 thoughts on “This is Red Five; I’m going in!

  1. That really took me! I definitely left the earth’s gravitational pull. Initially I was in a frantic, county lane thriller but then I seemed to take off somewhere.

    A first I thought you were driving, and was really disconcerted when the tattooed arm appears on the steering wheel (ship’s first mate?). The near confrontation with the oncoming battleship was superbly averted with a warp factor reverse.

    I’m moving to England definitely after watching that. Oh, hang on a minute. I’m already here. Hmmmm…

  2. As I was watching this, I was thinking, “surely this must be a one way passage to the inner core. There’s just no room for 2 ships there.” Then, there it was, defying you. Daring you. Thankfully your pilot had the good sense, reversed thrusters and allowed the cargo vessel to pass by. I fully expected you to be blasted out of the way.

    What are you going to miss? Tiny roads where the chances of instant head on death await you around every corner and turn!?!? That’s insane!!

  3. Is there a town in rural England that doesn’t have a Castle Cars, written in olde-worlde font? If so I ain’t bin there.

  4. Dang! That was amazing and scary.

    I have been lied to! We get all this malarkey about culture English gentlemen and proper manners and civility up the ying-yang only to find out that there is a dare devil streak that runs a muck behind the wheel.

    Seriously, every day folks drive like that? I thought the east coast of America has skinny streets but my goodness they are a parkway compared to what I just saw.

    I will come to the UK but I’m taking the bus for sure. 😉

  5. cool. Devon’s great. my cousins used to live in a small village in Hampshire called Penton Mewsey and there’s lanes like that. I always drove a lot slower than your taxi driver did though, especially around those blind corner/bends! beautiful countryside though.

    I liked how the music was so dramatic when the truck appeared and seemed like he wasn’t going to stop so you were racing backwards.

    but, how did you keep the camera so stable?? – I take lots of footage from drives in the car but it’s pretty unwatchable by others as the camera’s jumping around with the bumps in the road.

  6. This video reminds me of driving down 2-way country roads in Ireland where there was barely enough space for one car, let alone two. We never encountered a truck coming in the other direction, tho.

  7. liked a lot and it does remembered when i was in some rural small roads over there too.
    the soundtrack is very well synchronized.

    hard to believe you can go so “fast” on those narrow roads… crazy drivers. and is so well supported by the music that truly inspires as to see that speed. very good.

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