After the wine

Damn! I posted this on Friday night from my phone, but it never arrived. Technology. I hate it.

This is just a couple of dark, barely audible drunken moments from a dinner called N0shit organised by Phil Campbell in Burton-on-Trent for a few UK social media guys – including Nik Butler (; Christian Paine (;; Jason Jarrett ( and Craig Marston (

Top. Men.

My N93 is terrible in low light – I have to start using another camera at night, like the Ixus I used in San Francisco – and again this is something that I probably wouldn’t publish if it weren’t for NaVloPoMo, I’d just share my clips among those attending. But here it is, including Phil’s explaining to me why I’m disorganised after that video last week. Also, this is the only time you will ever see evidence of me on the dancefloor. I think I had had a moderate amount wine at that point.

Thanks, chaps, it was fun.

17 thoughts on “After the wine

  1. I just love when guys are drinking, dancing to the “Dancing Queen” tunes and talking about passion! Being liberal is so cool, LOL!
    PS Nice fun you had there, good one!

  2. I hear you Jason. My hangover dissipated around 6pm with my first beer of the night after. I think this is also the only existing footage of me dancing anywhere ever..

  3. Hangover? Pah .. Southerners the lot of yah ! hehehe

    it was a great evening and Christian in the words of Yoda.

    “No, there is another “

  4. Wow, that looked like so much fun. I’d really like to hear what you think of Phil’s comments about why you’re disorganized. I’m at least as disorganized as you, perhaps epically more disorganized than you … maybe Phil is onto something there. Or maybe I just have too much stuff that I’m indecisive about – maybe I’m not passionate about change, but about possibilities, and getting rid of things or letting go of ideas means closing the door on a possibility. Anyway, great fun. We did miss you!

  5. Ok…well…the dancing certainly was…umm…different. Now I am going to have Dancing Queen stuck in my head for days. Just ‘effin great…

    I couldnt agree more with what Phil was saying. My wife tells me that the reason my studio is so disorganized and messy to an outsider is that I am more focused on creating than on order. In my world, my surroundings are in order with my creativity.

    I think that if she or anyone else were to ever attempt to re-order my order, worlds would collide.

  6. As long as the nuts arenít peanuts, because they will trigger the idea of an alcoholic drink.
    I add some water to my wine like they used to in Biblical times and like the Romans did.
    I rarely notice my body telling me I√≠m thirsty, but when I do I usually want a gin and tonic if it√≠s in the evening. Of course tonic water is very refreshing and I don√≠t put much gin in Рjust enough to take the edge off the tonic water. It√≠s somehow the whole experience that matters to me more than the alcohol content. It√≠s the idea and the chink of ice on the glass Рbut then I√≠m very theatrical Рlol.
    Milk Thistle is the stuff for hangovers. It detoxifies the liver and is very good for curing constipation too.

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